5 reasons to use PowerPoint templates for corporate presentations
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Monday, 02 February 2009 10:01
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PowerPoint Presentations are everywhere - from training toddlers on basic skills to presentations in the professional circuit. You can see them in various looks from austere to bright for different purposes. Whether you are new to PowerPoint Presentations or are an expert at it, you would know that time and effort goes into formatting, organizing, and incorporating features into your presentation. This is where templates can dramatically help you effectively utilize your timeand efforts by shortening the process. Especially so in the case of corporate presentations where a lot of data, graphics, charts, andrepresentation are needed, using a template can save you lots of pain and time.

How will using templates help you in your corporate presentations?



Reason # 1: Wide acceptance and popularity

PowerPoint Presentations have permeated the business world so much that we equate any presentation to

a PowerPoint Presentation. It has become an essential skill. Not knowing how to work with PowerPoint

cripples you. In fact, it is like being considered the illiterate in the corporate circle. Its popularity has also

ensured that resources are readily 

available – be it in terms of templates or professional offering services for it.


This is the age of fast food and automation. Invest in a readymade template that suits your needs.

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Reason #2: Engaging two senses of the audience – visual and reasoning

Most templates provide preconfigured slides for charts, diagrams, and display of other raw data or even video and

audio content. Plain text may not hold so much of an appeal for your audience. At the same time, using excess of

animation and graphics can take the focus away from your actual content. This is a common pitfall of

many presenters – that in their bid to showcase their skills, they overdo it. Engage the

audience but don’t let the focus slip.


Visual and animated representations provide more clarity to the concept you’re discussing. For example: If you

have a schematic diagram of some process, there will lots of arrows pointing everywhere. Unless you incorporate

 texts to describe the flow, it can become confusing for the audience. So, why not use animation to clearly depict

 the follow. You can use a combination of motion path animation and custom shows

 to do this.


Again, when you deal with report, there are many complex data analysis that may not fit in its entirety on a slide.

Their representation can be

shown by linking it through MS Excel, MS Word, etc.


Reason #3: Use of graphics, chart, and animation simplified

Simplify your work. With preconfigured templates, adding graphics and charts becomes much simpler. Just point,

click and edit the data. Chart representation format and style using the “Design” tab.


For example:

Let’s suppose you have conducted a survey on how comfortable professionals are using PowerPoint Presentations.

Out of the total respondents, 10% didn’t know how to work with PowerPoint Presentations, 35% were still learning

to use it, 25% could work with it and 20% were proficient

while the remaining 10% were experts working with PowerPoint Presentations.


You could display this information as bullets points too. But using graphical representation as shown in the figure

creates better impact and lends more clarity to your data. Moreover, it’s preconfigured into the template making

 it just a matter of entering the data.


PowerPoint templates make your audience interested and concentrated.


Reason #4: Ability to showcase information in a concise manner

The attention span of a person is very short. You can hold someone attention without lapse for a maximum

of 15 – 20 minutes. You’ve got to capture the attention of your audience and then keep them on track and

focussed. Now, a whole lot of text or description isn’t going to hold

their interest.


People like to know, “What’s the point you’re getting at?”


Presentation of information needs to be succinct and cater to their interest. So, how does using templates

help you? The templates, especiallythose available at PowerPoint1 have been designed to address this

need. Text block and image placers have been placed with a view to optimizing space usage and avoid information cramming. Some of the recommended template categories are:



Reason #5: Opportunity to showcase your expertise and competence

 “Great Presentation!” A “Pat on the back” or clinching a “good business deal”. That’s what carefully

 planned presentations can do for you.


Some people believe PowerPoint Presentations are overrated. But the fact is, in today’s business world you

just can’t do without them. With hordes of bad presentations that leave the audience confused and jumping

from slide to slide for information, you can be different.

Remember also to back up your presentation with hard facts and knowledge of what you’re presenting to

 your audience.


Good presentations speak of your professional caliber and skills. Make your mark; make your

presentation stand out. Once your PowerPoint skills are proven and delivered, you will be in high

 demand among your colleagues and business circle.


Work smart; use PowerPoint templates for your corporate presentations.

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